Recommended:   Conclad, Concreo in wet environments or  when an anti-stain treatment is required.

Conclad is the ideal cladding to transform normal walls into scenografical and aesthetic high-level walls. Where there are moisture problems or a stain resistance is needed it is indicted to use Concreo. Both materials don’t have any stuctural function but their thermal and acoustic insulating properties are an appreciable added value to a merely aesthetic cladding.

Concreo and Conclad panels can be a    pplied directly to the wall by using normal adhesive or placing them in anchorage systems, easily cutting the panels at the right measures even directly during the assembly.

Concreo and Conclad can be applied on the wall in different thicknesses to create spectacular three-dimensional effects or can be also combined with different materials to create varied and flexible surfaces for a wide design possibility Concreo and Conclad can be also used as aesthetic finishing touch for dividing walls.